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Group activities

Parvati Studio offers different group activities.


Groups done by a clinical psychologist for a specific need as:

  • Space to express and share relational and love problems
  • Diades/Couples group to share problems and solutions
  • Group for people who suffer for dependences
  • Group for victims of traumatic experience (physical or psychological trauma)
  • Group for adolescents
  • Group for elderly people (from 65 years old)
  • Groups to express, share symptoms related to work stress, burn-out, mobbing. Finding solutions though play role and exercises. Final phase of this work include meditation sessions that can be used during daily work (at school, office etc.)

These groups are organized on request. Minimum 6 participants.

Consulenza per gruppi di adolescenti


Including Body-Mind techniques, mindfulness , meditation, asana, pranayama. Work on chakras, mudras, mantra, yantra.

These groups can be closed groups with minimum 6 participants who follow minimum 7 sessions or open groups.

Gruppo di yoga e meditazione a Tarvisio

7 session close group (more confident, private, work can go deeper as people are always the same and are seen more times)

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness and open body mind practice
  2. Work base on mother earth and First chakra: constancy, firmness, reception, life, home, open heart, nourishment, relieve burdens
  3. Work base on vital principle: vitality, energy, give and receive, authorize to donate, respect yourself, let the past go
  4. Work with sweet water: leave things go, clean and purify
  5. Work with metal and warrior strength: canalize anger, take decisions, identify objectives
  6. Work with wind force: freedom, lightness, responsibility, independence
  7. Work in the light and closure of the path: harmony, unity, love and awareness

(There could be some variations, including work with the wise part and the mountain or work with the sea force, depending of the participants needs that could emerge on every session)

In every session there is a part that include a relaxing moment, respiration techniques and meditation. All these exercises are adaptable to each age: all movements are soft and slow.

Open Groups

Open groups give the possibility to the person to participate to all complete course but or to a single session as well. Results will be limited compared to a complete path. Each session has different objectives and different forces and capacities will be worked.


Full day, open air in nature contexts as Fusine Lakes. Specific workshop are organized for specific purpose or to work on a specific element, as:

  • Breathe
  • How to cope with stressful situations, instruments and capacities
  • Self- awareness, know yourself better to improve your life
  • Express yourself without any border

Practices and techniques used are different and they come from mindfulness, meditation, traditional yoga, relaxation, breathing world.
Practical and experiential works will be done during morning time.
A vegetarian lunch will be shared and in the afternoon there will be time for sharing the experience and be in contact with nature to interiorize it.

Other groups that can be offered are related to Industries, Hospitals, Schools staff, to improve group setting during working time. Each request will be analyzed and a specific and personal program will be proposed, with specific objectives and purposes.


Percorsi psicologici di gruppo per famiglie e bambini


Play Groups for children from 5 to 10 years old, in natural settings through Giocayoga and BTE BodyMind methods.

To increase:

  • Concentration and attention
  • Good energies canalization
  • Growing Healthy and balanced
  • Emotive intelligence and self-control
  • Stress reduced through breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Body self-knowledge, more tonics, elasticity, strengths

Sunday at the kids’ forest

Open air games and activities for babies and toddlers (0-4 years old) together with their mothers (or other adult, with legal responsibility).

Contact with Nature through sensorial and expressive experiences.
Yogababy exercises (0-18 months), Yogatoddler (18 months, 4 years old), though BTE BodyMind and Giocayoga methods.
Possibility of parents groups on request: breathing and relaxation exercises, sharing parents experiences.
Possibility to visit organic garden in the area to start to recognize vegetables and pick them up directly.


Preadolescent and adolescent group, from 12 to 17 years old.

Yoga exercises, BTE Body Mind activities, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises.To:

  • Reduce stress
  • Go through negative emotions easily
  • Canalize energies in an healthy way
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Reach your ideals, your objectives
  • Know yourself better
  • Improve relax, self-esteem, confidence, self-confidence, concentration and attention, self-image, self-respect

NO Stress Anymore! groups may include dance-therapy sessions, art-therapy sessions and music therapy sessions.

Different collaboration with other professions will be communicate at each specific event and course activated.

Percorsi di gruppo e yoga per bambini a Tarvisio