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Parvati Studio

Clinical psychologist Elisa Birri’s studio is located in Tarvisio (Ud, Italy) and Udine (Italy). Parvati Studio offers integral well being through a natural and holistic clinical psychological approach. It offers individual consultations (adults, adolescents, children), couples, diades and family consultations, different kind of group activities (yoga, meditation sessions, group for specific and special psychological needs) and online treatments.


Clinical Psychologist with experience in 11 countries in the world, she worked with international organizations as United Nations (ONU), Doctors Without Borders and other ngos and then decided to open Studio Parvati in her home country.
Elisa Birri works with an holistic approach for an integral well-being in order to reach a self awareness and personal realization for each individual.
She is member of different associations as Integral Transpersonal Institute: she founded Centro OM Udine with two other collegues from Friuli Venezia Giulia region (www.integraltranspersonal.com, www.integraltranspersonallife.com), AIYB (Italian Association Yoga Kids, www.aiyb.it); she collaborates with Doctors Without Borders (www.msf.org), she collaborated with Psicologi Per i Popoli FVG, Psychologists for Human Rights, University Bicocca Milano, University degli Studi di Padova, School of Economy and International Relations ASERI of University Cattolica Milano, Beck Institute Rome, Unicef.


In Studio Parvati the individual is treated with an holistic and natural approach, through 5 levels:

his physical and corporal level (body sensations, tensions or any kind of corporal symptoms, any kind of care related to body) has the same importance as his emotional level (emotions, desires, feelings, needs), his energetic level (chakras, aura, subtle perceptions, Chinese acupuncture), his cognitive level (thoughts, memories, fantasies, dreams, illusions, disillusions, judgements, insights) and his spiritual (non religious) level (intuitions, visions, sensations, interceptions).



Parvati Studio helps the individual to go through difficult moments that life can bring or to improve self awareness or knowledge.

Studio Parvati Tarvisio

Specific project design on the individual

It is important to underline that an individual is not arriving to Parvati Studio only presenting a disorder, a problem or a specific condition. Sometimes people would like to make their life better, to arrive to an integral health, to know their self better, to start a work to increase their awareness and have better relation with their self and other people and the word. It is like a travel that include more love for their self, their body, mind, heart and soul.


Emotions, sensations, thoughts from now and back, from here or there, i love to share with my patients from now or before and with everybody who love life and universal love.

  • 6 December 2018

    Sahasrara. Seventh Chakra. OmManiPadmeHum. Light. Meditation.

    Sahasrara, chakra della corona, loto dai mille petali, coscienza universale. Da una conoscenza oggettuale ad una conoscenza trascendente. Da una realtà duale, logica, che risponde a relazioni di causa effetto, ad una realtà dove l’osservatore diventa l

  • 26 November 2018

    Ajna. Sixth Chakra. Third Eye. Mountain.

    Ajna: la sede della saggezza. Il terzo occhio, o occhio della mente, centro di comando del corpo sottile. Amministra i cinque sensi, conscio ed inconscio, regola i chakra e i canali energetici. Ajna forma la congiunzione finale dei canali di energia delle 3 Na

  • 9 November 2018

    Vishudda. Fifth Chakra. Throat. Air.

    Vishudda, chakra della gola, ponte fra cuore e mente. Purificazione, autenticità, onestà per poter accedere ai chakra superiori. Comunicazione come scambio di energie, non solo di conoscenze, tramite tra parte interna e parte esterna, tra mente e corpo. L&#8