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Individual consultations

Clinical psychologist Elisa Birri offers psychological support for individuals, considering the human being always in his entirety, in his 5 levels, for an integral and holistic approach: physical corporal level (body sensations, tensions or any kind of corporal symptoms, any kind of care related to body) has the same importance as his emotional level (emotions, desires, feelings, needs), his energetic level (chakras, aura, subtle perceptions, Chinese acupuncture), his cognitive level (thoughts, memories, fantasies, dreams, illusions, disillusions, judgements, insights) and his spiritual (non religious) level (intuitions, visions, sensations, interceptions). We cannot reach an integral well being if we don t work all those levels.



  • Difficult experiences or life phases: grief, loss of loved ones, separations, divorces, end of relations, changes as passages from one development phase to another, passages though different life phases as preadolescence, adolescence, adulthood, oldness, learning or studying difficulties, work related problems, go though different obstacles and integrate them into life flow
  • Depression related symptoms or Major Depressive disorder
  • Anxiety related symptoms, including generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, specific anxiety disorders, panic attacks or panic disorders
  • Bipolar disorder or go frequently from an euphoric state to a very tired and depressed one without feel integrate, many humor changes during the day that disturb daily life or Disruptive Mood dysregulation disorder
  • Sleeping problems or disorders, different kind of insomnia
  • Psychotic disorders or Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive compulsive symptoms or disorders
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Trauma, symptoms related to specific traumatic experiences, general trauma, complex trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Symptoms related to psychosomatic condition, psychosomatic disorders, organic symptoms where traditional western medicine is not effective or helpful or somatic symptom disorder
  • Eating related symptoms or Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, obesity), loss of appetite, loss of weight, binges
  • Personality disorders
  • Sex related disorders or sexual difficulties
  • Dependences (alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, hashish, cocaine, drugs, act.) or substance related and addictive disorders;¬†dependences include as well game dependence and technologies (computer, smartphone, playstation or other consolles) dependence
Percorsi psicologici individuali per adulti

It is important to underline that an individual is not arriving to Parvati Studio only presenting a disorder, a problem or a specific condition. Sometimes people would like to make their life better, to arrive to an integral health, to know themselves better, to start a work to increase their awareness and have better relation with themselves and other people and the word. It is like a travel that include more love for themselves, their body, mind, heart and soul.

Elisa Birri will create a specific project design on the individual coming, it will be a personal work with general and specific objectives to reach. It will be a work though all 5 levels of the person, to establish equilibrium and discover many self capacities to go through life with serenity.

Consulenza psicologica per gruppi di adolescenti


For adolescents from 12 to 20 years old clinical psychologist Elisa Birri offers individual treatments based on boy or girl request and needs and their family as well. The individual will be take in charge holistically and integrally. It can be useful to ask a consultation in this phase of life for many different reasons as during this age it is very common to have school or work related difficulties, interpersonal relations difficulties as well, problems related to the family internally or also to have an appropriate and confidential space where to come and be free to speak and share own opinions and thoughts. Elisa Birri worked first as clinical psychologist and then as a coordinator or manager in different project for adolescents and she knows different expressive techniques (body techniques, artistic techniques) that help the adolescent to express and canalize his/her energies and emotions that in this phase are absolutely difficult to manage and difficult to be contained. Emotions and energies will be canalized in a healthy and constructive way. During adolescence everything is amplified, everything is lived very deeply and it is very useful to have a person outside family or friends circle as a professional who can offer a space ad hoc to express freely without judgment.


For children from 0 to 12 years old clinical psychologist Elisa Birri offers first a consultation together with a parent or a legal tutor. It is possible to access to Parvati Studio for many different reasons at this age: behavioral aspects that can make parents worried and would like to share with a professional, advices from the school, symptoms related to hyperactivity or Attention deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bullying problems or someone who is bullied by bullies, dyslexia or other learning difficulties, enuresis, encopresis or other regressions, specific personality aspects as arrogance, tyranny or high levels of specific emotions as anger or aggressiveness (showed or suffered from others), hight isolation or shyness, sleep disorders, mood disorders, reactive (attachment) disorder, somatoform disorders, selective mutism, reactions after grief or any kind of loss, help to afford separations or divorces, gender identity, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism spectrum disorders, Atypical Autism, Asperger Sindrome), ecc.
Children can be supported in situations related to family, physical or psychological violence, grief, separations or divorces, abuses, single parenting or extended family if integration of new members of the family is difficult.
Children are observed and left free to express themselves though modalities that depends on the developmental phase fo the child. These may include drawing, playing, poetry, telling stories, ecc. The objective will not be to receive a specific diagnosis but to help the child and his family to live better inside, in the family, at school and in the society.
The child can be seen alone just subsequently and only with the parent or legal tutor acceptance. The child as well needs to feel comfortable to come. In any phase of this treatment it will be suggest or given any drug.

Supporto psicologico per bambini a Udine

Individual treatments are not necessarily long (more than 15 sessions). Clinical psychologist Elisa Birri, thanks to her experience in risk situation and emergencies, knows brief techniques that can be useful in many different situations. This is related to the patient request. Birri will assess and suggest the best individual program for the person.
In case of other needs that cannot be realized in Parvati Studio, the person will be referred to other professionals or services.