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In Studio Parvati the individual is treated with an holistic and natural approach, through 5 levels: his physical and corporal level (body sensations, tensions or any kind of corporal symptoms, any kind of care related to body) has the same importance as his emotional level (emotions, desires, feelings, needs), his energetic level (chakras, aura, subtle perceptions, Chinese acupuncture), his cognitive level (thoughts, memories, fantasies, dreams, illusions, disillusions, judgements, insights) and his spiritual (non religious) level (intuitions, visions, sensations, interceptions).

It is not possible to reach an integral and complete well being if all these levels are not touched and worked. Since ages knowledge shows and since decades science as well confirmed it: all these levels constantly influence the individuals.

Elisa Birri knows many body techniques: BTE body mind, traditional Yoga (swami satyananda saraswati), different types of meditation; for each individual there is a specific technique that works better, depending of the internal process the person is in when arrives at the session, which symptom the person presents, how is the 5 levels analysis and which objective the therapy has.

It is important to underline that an individual is not arriving to Parvati Studio only presenting a disorder, a problem or a specific condition. Sometimes people would like to make their life better, to arrive to an integral health, to know their self better, to start a work to increase their awareness and have better relation with their self and other people and the word. It is like a travel that include more love for their self, their body, mind, heart and soul.

Elisa Birri will create a specific project design on the individual coming, it will be a personal work with general and specific objectives to reach. It will be a work though all 5 levels of the person, to establish equilibrium and discover many self capacities to go through life with serenity.